The Pre-Vetting Commission’s result on the evaluation of Tatiana Ciaglic and Ion Guzun, candidates for SCM proposed by the Parliament

The Pre-Vetting Commission announces that two candidates proposed by the Parliament for positions in the SCM, Tatiana Ciaglic and Ion Guzun, passed the evaluation.

The Commission’s decisions were sent to the candidates and the institution responsible for organizing the competition, in this case the Parliament. Tatiana Ciaglic and Ion Guzun notified the Commission about their approval to publish the decisions, which were placed on the Commission’s website. According to the provisions of Law no. 26/2022, any decision can be appealed to the Supreme Court of Justice, within 5 days from the date of receipt.

Link to the Decisions:

We remind that at the end of last week, the Pre-Vetting Commission concluded the hearing of the non-judicial candidates for positions in the SCM, remained in the contest. Out of the 12 candidates with professional experience in the field of law or in another relevant field, included in the list of candidates submitted to the Commission by the Parliament, seven candidates participated in the hearings, as two withdrew from the competition, two others did not submit the 5 years declaration in time, thus not promoting the evaluation, and one candidate requested to be evaluated without participating in the hearings.

Therefore, until now, two candidates have passed the evaluation, four candidates failed the evaluation, and five other candidates are waiting for the decisions of the Pre-Vetting Commission in order to be able to become eligible for a member position in the SCM.