The Pre-Vetting Commission’s decision on candidate for SCP Vasile Stoinov is now public

Vasile Stoinov, candidate for the position of member of the Superior Council of Prosecutors (SCP) and prosecutor in Prosecutor’s Office for Combating Organized Crimes and Special Cases, South Office, did not refused the publication of the Pre-Vetting Commission’s decision on his failure of evaluation based on the candidate’s failure to submit the 5-year declaration.
The Commission’s evaluation decision will be publish on the web pages of the Commission and the CSP, the institution responsible for organizing the competition.
Candidates may appeal against the Commission’s decision to the Supreme Court of Justice within 5 days of the date of receipt, without following the prior procedure.

🔸 The Pre-Vetting Commission is conducting the evaluation of financial and ethical integrity of 17 candidates remained in the competition for membership in the SCP. Only those who pass the Commission’s evaluation will be eligible to the new composition of the Superior Council of Prosecutors.