The non-judge candidate for the SCM, Valentin Caisîn, requested the cessation of the resumed evaluation procedure resumed in his case

The Pre-Vetting Commission issued a decision of failing the evaluation of Valentin Caisîn, candidate for the position of member in the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM), who was undergoing reevaluation, after receiving the candidate’s request to withdraw from the competition. Valentin Caisîn informed the Commission and the Parliament, as the organizer of the competition, about his withdrawal and requested for the termination of the resumed evaluation procedure in respect of him.

The Commission’s decision was issued in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 26/2022, art. 13 para. (1), which states that the withdrawal of a candidate from the competition is equivalent to failing the evaluation, irrespective of the reason given by the candidate. Valentin Caisîn is to notify the Commission whether he accepts or refuses the publication of the decision.

Valentin Caisîn was on the list of non-judge candidates proposed by Parliament for the position of member in the Superior Council of Magistracy in June 2022. By the Decision no. 28 of 21 March 2023, the Commission decided that the candidate failed the evaluation. Candidate Caisin challenged the decision of Commission to the Supreme Court of Justice, that ordered the re-evaluation of the candidate.