The last decisions on the evaluation of non-judge candidates to the SCM from group II submitted by the Parliament

The Pre-Vetting Commission announces that it has concluded the evaluation of the second group of non-judicial candidates submitted by the Parliament for membership in the Superior Council of Magistracy (SCM) and has sent the last decisions. According to the Commission, candidate Leonid Chirtoaca met the integrity criteria and passed the evaluation. Candidate Nicolae Agachi did not meet the integrity criteria and thus failed the evaluation. Details of the outcome of the assessment are contained in the reasoned decisions, which will be disclosed only with the candidates’ consent.

The two candidates shall notify the Commission whether they accept or object to the publication of the decisions within 48 hours. In the absence of notification, the decisions will be published on the Commission’s website in a depersonalized form, in both Romanian and English. According to the provisions of Law No 26/2022, any decision may be appealed to the Supreme Court of Justice within 5 days of receipt.

Out of nine candidates with professional experience in the field of law or in another relevant field, included in the list sent to the Commission by the Parliamentary Legal, Appointments and Immunities Committee on 5 May 2023, eight were subject to the complete evaluation process in order to become eligible for membership in the SCM, and one withdrew from the competition, thus failing the evaluation. Following the vetting of the eight candidates remained in the competition, six candidates passed the evaluation and two candidates failed the evaluation as they were not compliant with the ethical and financial integrity criteria.