Statement of public interest

The Commission provides the following statement in response to inquiries from multiple journalists regarding a Superior Council of Magistracy (SCM) candidate’s parents being heard in the context of the resumed evaluation process.

The Pre-Vetting Commission’s activity is strictly conducted according to Law No. 26/2022. The hearings are public except decided as closed, and the decisions are published if the candidate agrees.

SCM candidate Ion Chirtoacă’s hearing in resumed evaluation took place on 14 March 2024, online, at the request of candidate, who also requested the Commission to hear his parents. The Commission did not hear his parents during the initial evaluation, a fact that was raised by the candidate before the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ).

In its decision of 1 August 2023 regarding candidate Chirtoacă, which annulled the Commission’s decision and ordered the re-evaluation of the candidate, the SCJ special panel criticized the Commission for not having had heard the candidate’s parents during the initial evaluation.