The preliminary Pre-Vetting Commission’s results, discussed at the talk-show “Cutia neagra”, at TV 8

The Commission members Tatiana Raducanu and Nadejda Hriptievschi discussed about preliminary results of the pre-vetting for the Superior Council of Magistracy (SCM) at the stage where 90 percent of the decisions on judicial candidates have been issued. In particular, they answered the questions why so few judicial candidates for SCM positions passed the evaluation and what doubts about the financial and ethical integrity of candidates among career judges were behind their failure to pass the assessment.

Discussions also covered issues related to:

✅ The misperception that judges who failed the assessment are corrupt

✅ Nominal list of the Pre-Vetting Commission Secretariat, is it public or not

✅ Appeals of Commission decisions to the Supreme Court of Justice

✅ Raising of the exception of unconstitutionality to the latest amendments to the law by the defenders of the candidates who disagree with the Commission’s decisions