Pre-Vetting: Evaluation of non-judicial candidates for the SCM – completed

The Pre-Vetting Commission announces that it has finalized the evaluation of the group of candidates proposed by the Parliament for positions in the SCM and has issued the last decision in this regard. According to the Commission, the non-judicial candidate Alexandru Rotari failed the evaluation. The conclusion is found in the decision sent today to the candidate and the Parliament, the institution responsible for organizing the competition.

Alexandru Rotari is to notify the Commission whether he accepts or opposes to the publication of the decision within 48 hours from the receipt. In the absence of notification, the decision will be published on the Commission’s website in a depersonalized form.

According to the provisions of Law No 26/2022, any decision may be appealed to the Supreme Court of Justice within 5 days of receipt.

12 candidates with relevant professional experience in law, admitted to the competition by a decision of the Legal, Appointments and Immunities Committee of the Parliament went through the financial and ethical integrity evaluation process conducted by the Pre-Vetting Commission in order to become eligible to become member of the SCM.

Following the evaluation of non-judicial candidates, the Commission issued three decisions of passing the evaluation and nine decisions of failing of the evaluation, four of which were on the grounds of withdrawal from the competition or non-submission in time of the 5-year declaration. So far, 9 of the 12 evaluated candidates have accepted the publication of the Pre-Vetting Commission’s decisions.