#PodcastZdCe “Pre-Vetting, decisions and incisions in the justice system”

Nadejda Hriprievschi, member of the Pre-Vetting Commission, explains in the #PodcastZdCe the importance and necessity of the pre-vetting exercise, but also why the evaluation is more difficult than expected.

“We have no right to be wrong. The impact of this reform will not be judged by how quickly we did the evaluations, because that will be forgotten very quickly. We will feel the impact when we see how the new SCM will work, and here the big responsibility is on us. When we do the evaluations, we pay attention to both ethical integrity and financial integrity, because these are people who have to make decisions,” said Nadejda Hriptievschi.

Also in the podcast:
✅  About the first decisions to promote the evaluation of the Pre-Vetting Commission
✅  How the privacy of candidates is respected during the evaluation process
✅  How long did the extraordinary evaluation last in other countries