Interview with the president of the Pre-Vetting Commission: The only advice is “Be a clean judge and prosecutor”

Herman von Hebel, the chairperson of the Pre-Vetting Commission, talks about the evaluation process of magistrates and prosecutors and why the existence of an evaluation commission does not automatically mean a less corrupt country, in an interview for

“We’re digging deeper, but we want to say that when we issue a disqualification decision, we really have serious doubts about that person’s background. And it’s not something we decide on a Friday afternoon. It’s very serious legal work. That’s why it takes longer than it should. But quality determines the end of this process,” explains Herman von Hebel.

Also in the interview find out:
✅ What image did the president of the Pre-Vetting Commission create about the Moldovan justice system
✅ What information does the Commission collect and how long does it take to gather the information for a single candidate
✅ What message does the President of the Commission send to the candidates under evaluation