Rodica Ciobanu – the second candidate to the SCP, who passed the evaluation of the Pre-Vetting Commission

The Pre-Vetting Commission announces the result of evaluation on two more candidates to the Superior Council of Prosecutors (SCP). According to the Commission, candidate nominated by the Academy of Sciences of Moldova to the SCP, Rodica Ciobanu, meets the criteria of financial and ethical integrity, thus passing the evaluation. As for the prosecutor Anatolie Gîrbu the Commission issued a decision on failing the evaluation. A detailed information relating to the integrity verification process is included in the decision sent to the candidates and to the Academy of Sciences of Moldova and SCP, the institutions responsible for organizing the competition in this case.

Decisions of the Evaluation Commission may be appealed within 5 days from the date of receipt, without following the preliminary procedure. If within 48 hours from the receipt of decisions, the candidates do not inform the Commission that they oppose publication, the decisions will be posted on the Commission’s website in a depersonalized form. Only candidates who pass the evaluation of the Pre-Vetting Commission are eligible for membership in the SCP.

Rodica Ciobanu, candidate nominated by the Academy of Sciences, was publicly interviewed by members of the Pre-Vetting Commission during the second round of hearings of SCP candidates, held at the end of May. The interview focused on a topic of financial integrity relevant to the evaluation. Candidate Anatolie Gîrbu, deputy chief prosecutor of the Ungheni Prosecutor’s Office, requested to be evaluated solely on the basis of the material gathered by the Commission, deciding not to attend the public hearing.

So far, Rodica Ciobanu is the second SCP candidate to have passed the Pre-Vetting Commission’s decision after the Government Agent of the Republic of Moldova at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), Dumitru Obada. Four other candidates failed the evaluation on the grounds that they withdrew from the competition or did not submit the 5-year declaration on time, and four candidates failed the evaluation following the full vetting process. Eight candidates are awaiting the decisions of the Pre-Vetting Commission.