Resumed evaluation | Public hearing of judge Alexei Paniș (repeated hearing)

The Pre-Vetting Commission held an online public hearing as part of the resumed evaluation of candidate to the Superior Council of Magistracy (SCM) Alexei Panis on 16 April 2024, attended by four members of the Commission (out of five at that time). One of the Commissioners present at that hearing resigned on 14 May 2024 and, at that time, the Commission had not yet finalized its deliberations on the re-evaluation of the candidate.

The Commission no longer had a quorum under Art. 11 para. (2) of Law No 26/2022 to adopt a decision. In this context, the Commission decided, also following the candidate’s request, to hold an additional online public hearing with the participation of the four members who are currently members of the Commission.

The interview was public and conducted online via the ZOOM platform.