Public hearing of Vitalie Sîli

Vitalie Sîli is a candidate from the second group of non-judges, nominated by the Parliament for the position of member in the Superior Council of Magistracy (SCM) and was publicly interviewed by the Pre-Vetting Commission in the context of financial and ethical integrity evaluation of the candidates to the SCM.

The hearing was held in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 26/2022 and the Evaluation Rules of the Commission and referred to an aspect of financial integrity. During the public interview, the Commission’s members asked the candidate clarifying questions regarding a financial integrity issue, namely receiving a 0% interest loan from a close person and the loan repayment method.

🔸Similar to the group of the judicial candidates, non-judicial candidates are evaluated by the Pre-Vetting Commission in order to become eligible for a position as a permanent member in the SCM. Financial and ethical integrity verification covers a 15-year period. Following the evaluation procedure, the Commission issues a decision regarding the promotion or failure to promote the evaluation.

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