Chairman of the Pre-Vetting Commission at the talk-show “Territoria svobodi” with Lilia Buracovkshi

“During the preliminary evaluation, we focus on the financial and ethical side of the candidate,” said Herman von Hebel, the president of the Pre-Vetting Commission, in the studio of the talk-show “Territoria svobodi” with Lilia Buracovkshi. He pointed out that the Commission is concerned with the financial side of the candidates, as stipulated in the law, and the ethical component chapter analyzes how the candidate uses or not the system in personal interests and whether there have been abuses in this regard – for example, purchase of housing at preferential prices. Regarding the professional evaluation of the candidates, he said that: “Those within the Commission are not judges and do not analyze the decisions made by magistrates during their work. This is not our direct responsibility. There are, however, situations when such issues come to the surface and then they are taken into account.”