Pre-Vetting SCP: Two prosecutor candidates withdrew from the competition, thus failing the Pre-Vetting Commission’s evaluation

The Pre-Vetting Commission announces that Aureliu Buzdugan, acting Chief Prosecutor of Anenii Noi District Prosecutor’s Office, and Remus Moroz, prosecutor in the Prosecutors’ Office of Chișinău municipality, Buiucani office, candidates for membership in the Superior Council of Prosecutors (SCP), failed the evaluation due to their withdrawal from the competition.

The Commission’s decisions were sent to the candidates and to the institution responsible for organizing the competition, in this case the Superior Council of Prosecutors. Decisions may be appealed to the Supreme Court of Justice within 5 days of receipt.

The Commission will place the decisions on its website, in depersonalized form, unless candidates object to publication.

13 prosecutor candidates and one civil society representative, proposed by the Academy of Sciences, remained in the competition for membership of the PSC. They are being evaluated by the Pre-Vetting Commission on financial and ethical integrity. The hearing of candidates begins on Friday, April 21, 2023. Only those who pass the Commission’s evaluation will be eligible for election to the new composition of the Superior Council of Prosecutors.