Herman von Hebel: You can’t be a judge if you don’t serve as an example to society

“If I, a judge in the Netherlands, was caught drunk while driving, my license would be taken away. You can’t be a judge if you can’t serve as an example to society. You can’t pronounce sentences regarding other people if you personally don’t follow the rules. That goes for judges as well as prosecutors. This is a mentality, this is something that needs to be developed”, declared the chairman of the Pre-Vetting Commission during the talk-show “Puncte de reflecție” with Valentina Ursu on Vocea Basarabia TV, in which he participated together with Commission member, Nadejda Hriptievschi. The two members answered the main questions related to the process of verifying the integrity of candidates for positions in the self-administration bodies of judges and prosecutors.

In the context of the recently concluded hearings of the candidates to the SCP, the members of the Commission noted that they were curious to hear from the candidates that they will be much more careful from now on when filling in their annual declarations and will keep a stricter record of their expenses after having gone through this extensive verification process. “This is the right attitude for judges and prosecutors to have,” said Nadejda Hriptievschi and Herman von Hebel.

In the interview you can find out how the Commission members comment on the case of the President of the Supreme Court of Ukraine, who was caught red-handed with bribe.