Government candidate for SCP membership, Radu Mîrza, withdrew from competition

The Pre-Vetting Commission informs about the withdrawal from the competition of the Government’s candidate for the position of member in the Superior Council of Prosecutors (SCP) representing civil society, Radu Mîrza. The withdrawal has resulted in failing the evaluation by the candidate, in accordance with the provisions of Art. 13, para. (1) of Law No. 26/2022.

The Commission’s decision has been communicated to both candidate Radu Mîrza and the Government, the institution responsible for organizing the competition in this case. Information regarding the evaluation outcome has been published on the Commission’s website. If the candidate does not notify the Commission of his refusal to publish the decision within the next 48 hours, the decision will be posted on Commission’s website in a depersonalized form. The candidate is entitled to appeal the  evaluation decision within 5 days from receiving it.

According to Law No. 26/2022 on measures related to the selection of candidates for the positions of members in the self-administration bodies of judges and prosecutors, the withdrawal of a candidate from the competition after the institution in charge of organizing the elections or the competition, as appropriate, submit the lists of candidates to the Evaluation Commission, is equivalent to failing the evaluation by the candidate concerned, irrespective of the given reason.

Following the withdrawal of Radu Mîrza, Mihail Sorbalo, university lecturer in Public Law at the Faculty of Law at ULIM, remains the only representative of civil society selected by the Government to fill the vacant position of SCP member. Candidate Sorbalo has submitted his completed Declaration for 5 years to the Commission, and the evaluation process regarding him is currently underway.