First decisions on non-judge candidates for SCM positions submitted by the Parliament

The Pre-Vetting Commission announces the decisions on three candidates with professional experience in law or another relevant field from the list submitted by the Parliament for membership in the Superior Council of Magistracy (SCM).

According to the Commission, the non-judge candidates Evgheni Florea, university professor at the State University of Comrat, and Ilie Mămăligă, lawyer, did not submit in time the declaration of assets and personal interests with updated data for the last 5 years (Declaration for 5 years) and/or the required annexes, which led to their non-promotion of evaluation. Candidate Fiodor Bria, lecturer at the Free International University, withdrew from the competition, thus failing the evaluation.

In accordance with the legal procedure, the Commission’s decisions were sent to the candidates and to the institution responsible for organizing the elections or the competition, in this case the Parliament. The decisions are subject to appeal and may be challenged by the candidates before the Supreme Court of Justice within 5 days of receipt. At the same time, the three non-judge candidates have 48 hours to notify the Commission whether they accept or oppose the publication of the reasoned decisions.

We remind that 12 non-judge candidates, elected on the basis of a public competition, were proposed by the Parliament to participate in the contest for the position of member of the SCM. They are subject to financial and ethical integrity assessment by the Pre-Vetting Commission.