Evaluation of the judicial candidates for the SCM – the last decisions of the Pre-Vetting Commission

The Pre-Vetting Commission announces the last results on the evaluation of candidates for the Superior Council of Magistrates (SCM) among career judges. According to the Commission, judges Ion Chirtoaca and Aureliu Postica, from the Chisinau Court, Buiucani Office, Marina Rusu from the Cahul Court, Taraclia Office, and Alexei Panis, from the Chisinau Court, Riscani Office, failed the evaluation. The conclusion is contained in the reasoned decisions, which were sent to the candidates today.

Judicial candidates have 48 hours to notify the Commission Secretariat whether they object or not to the publication of the decisions. Otherwise, they will be posted on the websites of the SCM and the Pre-Vetting Commission in a depersonalized form, except for the surname and first name of the candidate that remain public.

The Commission’s decisions may be appealed to the Supreme Court of Justice within 5 days of receipt, without prior procedure, according to art. 14 para. (1) and (2) of Law No. 26/2022.

Note: The Pre-Vetting Commission has completed the evaluation of judicial candidates for the SCM with 5 decisions of promotion and 23 decisions of non-promotion of the evaluation. The five candidates who passed the evaluation are judges of the district courts. Candidates who failed the evaluation continue to work in the judiciary, but are no longer eligible to participate in the competition for membership of the SCM. Out of 28 judges from different levels of courts applied for the competition, five of whom withdrew, thus failing the evaluation.

At the moment, the Pre-Vetting Commission evaluates the non-judge candidates for the SCM positions on the list submitted by the Parliament.