Alexandru Postica passed the Pre-Vetting Commission’s evaluation and accepted the publication of the decision

The Pre-Vetting Commission announces that Alexandru Postica, appointed by the Parliament for membership of the SCM, passed the evaluation. The candidate has accepted the publication of the decision, which can be found on the Commission’s website and has also been forwarded to the institution responsible for organizing the competition, in this case Parliament.

Link to Decisions: htps://

So far, three candidates for positions in the Superior Council of Magistracy, with professional experience in law or other relevant field, included in the list submitted to the Pre-Vetting Commission by the Parliament, have passed the evaluation. Four candidates did not pass the evaluation, as they withdrew from the competition or did not submit their 5-year declaration on time, and five other candidates are awaiting the decisions of the Pre-Vetting Commission in order to become eligible for a position in the SCM.