About one hundred candidates for key positions in the Superior Council of Magistrates and the Superior Council of Prosecutors will be evaluated starting with July

The process for the pre-vetting of around a hundred candidates for key positions in the self-administration bodies for judges and prosecutors in Moldova will start in early July. The Pre-Vetting Commission evaluates candidates for their financial and ethical integrity, and functions in an independent and impartial way. Candidates are obliged to fill in an asset declaration form which will provide detailed information about their finances over the last 5 years and will be invited to fill in an ethics questionnaire. The Commission will in addition collect and verify data and request information from individuals or legal entities of public or private law. These include tax authorities, anti-corruption agencies, private banks, civil society organizations and investigative journalists.

“We realize how important this pre-vetting process is in the context of strengthening the independence, impartiality and effectiveness of the justice system in Moldova and the need to increase the credibility of the judicial system for the people of Moldova,” said Herman von Hebel, the Chairman of the Commission.

He noted that the mission of the Commission is to make sure that only those candidates are eligible for the self-administration bodies if they meet the highest standards of financial and ethical integrity.

“Procedural and evaluation rules have been formulated by the Commission. These rules will ensure a fair and transparent process for all candidates. We have the benefit of support from various experts with extensive experience in other vetting and pre-vetting experiences,” highlighted Tatiana Raducanu, Member of the Commission.

To evaluate their integrity, the Commission will consider whether candidates have violated rules of ethics and professional conduct, have been subject to reasonable suspicions of corruption acts or have violated obligations to declare personal assets and interests, conflicts of interest, incompatibilities, restrictions or limitations. The Commission will also consider whether the candidate’s wealth acquired in the past 15 years corresponds to declared revenues.

After examining the information gathered from candidates and other sources, the Commission will invite candidates for a public hearing, which shall be recorded. The Commission will then issue a reasoned decision relating to the evaluation of each candidate.

For further information:

The Rules of Procedure, Evaluation Rules and the Asset Declaration form are available at https://www.facebook.com/ComisiaPreVetting