Evaluation of candidates for the CSP positions has begun. The first decision of the Pre-Vetting Commission

The Pre-Vetting Commission has started the evaluation of candidates for the positions of Superior Council of the Prosecutors (SCP) members. 18 candidates to the SCP, 17 prosecutors from the General Prosecutor’s Office, territorial and specialized prosecutors’ offices, but also a representative of the civil society, who is part of the selection process organized by the Academy of Sciences will be evaluated This process includes financial and ethical integrity evaluation for the period of 15 years.

The Commission sent a request to the candidates to fill in and submit the Declaration of assets and personal interests for 5 years. The Declaration also includes a list of close persons in judiciary, among prosecutors and in public service, as required by the law. Failure to submit this information on time constitutes ground for the Commission to find that the candidates failed the evaluation.

In this regard, Vasilie Stoinov, candidate for the position of member in the CSP and prosecutor at the Prosecutor’s Office for Combating Organized Crime and Special Cases, the South Office did not submit the declaration and thus did not pass the evaluation.

The decision was sent to the candidate and the institution responsible for organizing the selection process, in this case the Superior Council of Prosecutors. Vasile Stoinov has 48 hours to notify the Commission if he accepts or objects to the publication of the decision. If not objected, the decision would be placed on the SCP and Pre-Vetting Commission web pages in depersonalized form.

The candidate may appeal the decision within 5 days from the date of receipt.

Note: New composition of the Superior Council of the Prosecutors will be elected by the General Assembly of Prosecutors, from among the candidates who pass the evaluation by the Pre-Vetting Commission.